Some confusions in the world of wheels..

>>What exactly is a turbo thing that makes your ride get those extra horses under the hood

>>What is the cool thing on the hood of Vin Diesel’s car in the movie “The Fast and Furious”

>>What is a Turbocharger and then what more the hell is a Supercharger ?

Its one of those things that all of us have heard of, yet never got more of an insight into ,something like Winter Olympics…

Lets break it down to get hold of this confusion :

1. Combustion : Anything burning which produces some energy

2. Two basic components to complete combustion : Fuel and Oxygen (Air)

3. Turbo (or boosting/charging , as known in the Automotive world) is basically tweaking the Air part in Step 2.

If this volume of air can be increased at the site of combustion, then there is a very good chance to amplify the combustion process with added fuel to extract more energy (Horse-power in this case)

Turbocharger (technically a compressor) : Is a component (not a machine) which basically does the job of increasing the air-flow to the inlet manifold (This is where all the air enters the combustion chamber in an engine)

And TA-RA ; more power at the press of the pedal..

How it works : Jugaad (Improvisation) ; Yes, that is how it works… We are well aware of the exhaust gases that are released from a vehicle. This very exhaust has some energy (discharge) , and this energy is used to drive a small pump.

This small pump in turn pumps air inside the inlet manifold at increased pressure which eventually helps in better combustion (Technically, the volumetric efficiency is increased)

Implications : More power from the same capacity engine, more efficient as it uses the exhaust itself to increase the power eventually ; But there’s a catch >>

The catch – There is a minimum optimum speed , only beyond which the turbo really starts working. This effect is better known as lag , which all diesel car owners complain of.

NOTE :- The superb-looking thing on the hood of this car (Dodge Charger) is NOT a turbo charger A turbocharger is usually an internal (beneath the hood) component. The Dodge here is having a Supercharger..

Supercharger :- Does the same thing as a Turbocharger. The only difference is how it (the pump) gets the power to operate. Here, it operates through a belt (usually coupled to the crankshaft) and not exhaust gases.

Advantage : As the car goes faster, the supercharger acts faster as well, and more air is delivered, so increses almost linearly with the speed of the car (crankshaft)

Disadvanatage : Since a supercharger is coupled to a mechanical part, it consumes some energy from the final output, and so is less-efficient than a turbocharger.

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