Subaru Impreza WRX 2011

Look at her…

Paint her blue, put the 555 livery and a Petter Solberg on the wheel, and you are ready to roll

No matter what trouble Subaru goes thru at the management level, they will always resemble countryside roads more than asphalt.

There is no Tiger Woods without golf and so there is no Subaru without the rally heritage

The subtle silver in the pic is the new 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX

Looks:- Subaru have been tweaking with the Impreza for quite long now, but the more significant change here is the new nose, the more refined shoulder line and the new lowered stance (looks moreĀ aggressiveĀ that way), add to this 17’rims

Heart:- 4 cyl Turbo charged 2.5 churning out a very healthy 265 horses.

Prices and specs are yet to be announced officially..

Verdict:- You got the money and half , u buy it and then take it to a tuner and start the process to make it the “best ride in the town”

I doubt there are any Imprezas’ on roads with factory settings. If u got 1, u are going to end up tweaking it to your needs or should i say your racing needs…

Bottomline: Don’t buy it, if you want to commute, but buy it ,if you want t RACE

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