Citroen DS3 R3

NOTE:- If you are not a WRC fan, this car may not really fancy you

NOTE 2:- There is no harm admiring good rally cars, so continue reading

How many times have we seen Sebastian Loeb cruise his Citroen over the finish line and win those numerous titles

There is a very prominent reason why Mr. Loeb could do that: its the frugal and awesome cars Citroen has been making in this millennium

And when the DS3 was launched, the next most important question was : When is Citroen gonna launch the rally version of the car

Wait no more: ITS HERE, the new Citroen DS3 R3 (no its not a NASA satellite name, its the new rally spec DS3)

The CATCH: This is not the official WRC DS3, its just a rally variant [read: for rally enthusiasts, who dont want to quit their jobs to become a pro, but still love to roll fast]

CAR: The exterior is the same, so dont think too much about the design, BUT this is where the comparison ends and u’ll need to hold your breath to read on

1.6 THP petrol heart producing an awesome bunch of 210 horses and add the 258 lb-ft of torque and you are flying. The credit for these boggling numbers goes to additional racing parts in the car including lighter camshaft, pistons, connecting rods, exhaust and turbo systems and the ever important ECU

Bottom Line: If you are into rallying but not so pro, then this is the car you’ve been waiting for. A real run for money and a severe headache to the Subaru WRX and the new rally spec Ford Focus. Order one for the rally-driver in you


Dakar returns to Argentina/Chile

How many of us are amazed by the seer scale of rallying when it comes to DAKAR?

An entire generation has grown up watching the Mitsubishi Pajero win numerous Paris-Dakar rallies over the years

And who can ignore the giant Kamaz and Tatra trucks and those BMW’s and KTM’s?

The popularity of Dakar over the years has increased dramatically. Its no longer an event just for the hardcore rally enthusiasts. Past couple of years have seen many new entrants; new fans by roadside which resembles more a WRC scene than a traditional Dakar

The rally of 2008 was cancelled due to security concerns and for 2009, the event left its traditional Sahara sand dunes to the more rocky terrain of South America

And contrary to the opinions of many, it turned out to be very successful and so the Dakar returned to the same venue for its 2010 event

Now after Carlos Sainz finally winning in the Volkswagen, with KTM and Kamaz continuing their stronghold in Bikes and Trucks respectively, all eyes are set for the next years reunion

Next year, Dakar returns to Argentina/Chile and will be held from January 1st to 16th 2011

For the calender of events click here

For next years route click here

Registration will start in May 2010

WRC : One engine per season!!!

The latest buzz in WRC has been given birth to by WRC Comission president Morrie Chandler with a proposal to use “One engine per season”.

The detailed dynamics for this agenda are aimed at reducing costs and opening new avenues in the world of rallying

In the last decade, many manufacturers have quit WRC  due to the high costs involved , and so it has hurt the sponsership revenues as well

Only Citroen and Ford are directly active in the sport and this poses a concern for the future

Mr Chandler is looking firm with this idea, and argues that if a road legal car can clock 200,00o kms, then why isn’t it possible to device a robust engine to clock 8000 kms of rallying

These changes are impossible to implement by next season, as teams have already started developing their machines for the 2011 calender. But 2012 forms a real optimism for this proposal

And going by the current popularity levels of WRC, changes in rules are inevitable and if a single engine can bring back sponsors, then why not….

Volkswagen to enter Formula 1

Volkswagen looks set to step in the grand world of Formula 1

After all the regulations put in place by the FIA to cut costs and make Formula 1 sustainable on a longer run

The prospect looks ever more possible for VV which for long has kept itself away from the sport

This keeping in mind that it holds Lambo and Porche which in the past have had some representation in the elite sport

But the real catch lies in the fact, that since VV has not had any stint here,  starting a stand alone team from scratch is not feasible (read Honda, Toyota )

And so comes Williams F1 into the scenario.

Sir Frank Williams (a legend in the business) has had tough times recovering from the split with BMW earlier in the decade, and the once mighty Williams is now just a mediocre team

A deal for them with VV will not just provide good engines (VV does have a great R&D) and also the financial assistance it desperately needs to again challenge the likes of Ferrari and Mclaren

If this deal does come thru, it should be a win win win situation for VV, Williams and F1 as a whole…..

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