Land Rover Defender

There are very few things on this planet which have a loyal following as of the Defender

You see it, and then care least about the latest gadgets and gizmos (better known as the Q7, X5, M-class etc )

You just want to roll in the mud as much as your dog wants to on a rainy day

From the legendary Camel trophies to the numerous  expeditions where even the wildest of the animals would think twice to graze/hunt

The Land Rover Defender has been there and done that, so don’t waste your time thinking of a place it hasn’t been to

The Car :- Initially designed for the British Army after the 2nd world war, this robust and unbreakable piece of machinery  since has had very minimal changes to its soul (does look very classic)

Max gradient is 45 degrees and wading depth of 500mm (you can cross almost any stream of water with ease)

This is very old school territory , so a ladder on frame chassis and 4 wheel drive systems are not negotiable, but the variants are (which we’ll focus on later)

Design :- Very basic ; Take a frame, on which a metal box of a certain shape with head and tail lamps. That’s it , no LED’s , sunroof, bucket seats,  or anything which has no major significance while rolling

Stands tall, Stiff coil sprung suspension and lots of load carrying capacity (no wonder its popular in expeditions)

Variants :- More than the number of players in a cricket team ; Three wheelbase options (90,110,130 inches) on top of Pickup, Station wagon, Utility wagon, Hard top, Double cab pickup, High capacity pickup, Double cab High capacity.

Yes, that is a lllot…but wait some more, there are also the special editions including a Tomb Raider edition and don’t forget the enormous possibilities of customizing

Appeal :- Nothing like it, but then very few get the point of the car. This machine is for the explorer.

The Defender can be seen even in the remotest of the planet ( few places where Coca Cola has not reached yet) to the Times Square… Ambulances, UN vehicles and what not , even an ice-cream van.

Engines :- Currently based on Ford’s duratorq family (Land Rover was owned by them for quite some time)

Its a 2.4 liter ,4 cyl, producing 122 horses and a ssuperb 360 Nm  of torque which is available from almost 2000 to 4500 rpm. This said, there are many options available , depending on the specific market and stock

NOTE :- There is also a massive V8 3.9 liter petrol (but you’ll have to ring some numbers to get hold of it)

Bottomline :- You live life for the joy of it, and you do it in a Defender ; No questions asked.

If you want to though, then go for some other car but the Defender…

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