Volkswagen to enter Formula 1

Volkswagen looks set to step in the grand world of Formula 1

After all the regulations put in place by the FIA to cut costs and make Formula 1 sustainable on a longer run

The prospect looks ever more possible for VV which for long has kept itself away from the sport

This keeping in mind that it holds Lambo and Porche which in the past have had some representation in the elite sport

But the real catch lies in the fact, that since VV has not had any stint here,  starting a stand alone team from scratch is not feasible (read Honda, Toyota )

And so comes Williams F1 into the scenario.

Sir Frank Williams (a legend in the business) has had tough times recovering from the split with BMW earlier in the decade, and the once mighty Williams is now just a mediocre team

A deal for them with VV will not just provide good engines (VV does have a great R&D) and also the financial assistance it desperately needs to again challenge the likes of Ferrari and Mclaren

If this deal does come thru, it should be a win win win situation for VV, Williams and F1 as a whole…..

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