Pentastar V6

Pentastar : Thats the name of the new hope that the giant Chrysler Group is betting on.

After the recession, bailouts, trimming and their final destiny with FIAT, Chrysler had to come out with a plan for the future

And the plan is to share platforms and engines

The result is this brand new engine : The Pentastar V6

Its an all aluminum ,60-degree, DOHC unit with proposed use in a lot of platforms and in various capacities.

Power output is a healthy 280 hp @ 6400 rpm and a torque of 260 lb-ft @ 4800 rpm and it has a green dimension to it ; as it is 11% more fuel efficient than the previous engines.

And the engine will be made in 3 basic sizes : 3.0L, 3.3L, 3.6L

The Pentastar is slated to be launched with the JEEP Grand Cherokee 2011 and this unit is supposed to replace a host of current V6 options that Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge have.

After almost $ 2 billion worth of investments for this project with two plants slated to start production immediately and later in Germany for Mercedes-Benz (yes, the pointed star is planning to use one of these) and the Fiat connection to make it to Lancia and Alfa Romeo.

Chrysler hopes to strike with the Pentastar and has pushed hard for the unit to make it big…..

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Hemi engine

One responds to the word HEmi with an impression of something huge

Reality Check: IT IS HUGE

The construction of this beast is very as it sounds. Basically an IC engine but with “Hemi-Spherical” Combustion chambers

The HEmi shape is the unique feature which adds up to the bulk of the volume it looks.

This very shape was initially mastered by the European elite : namely BMW, Alfa Romeo ,Daimler etc etc who themselves were inspired by the cannon; just the shape  (no, thrs no Arsenal FC  connection to this)

But it was taken to a very new level of popularism by CHRYSLER. Yeah, they have had the beast with them for quite long now.

They made three significant versions of the Hemi in the last century starting with the Firepower in the 50’s, the 426 in the 70’s and the HEMI in 2000’s

The American Muscle Car was coined by the very Hemi marketing in the 60’s and 70’s.

Apart from the Chrysler, many companies tried their luck and work with the same tech; notable Ford, Aston Martin and Mitsubishi to relative degree of success

Under the Hood :- Due to its very peculiar design, the inlet and outlet valves had to be placed opposite to each other in the combustion chamber but there was a catch to this huge engine : the air-fuel mixture had a very tricky shaped volume to cover which resulted in valve timing to become a very sublime affair to fix in these engines

In all, this very engine will be remembered as the chosen one which challenged the respect commanded by the conventional Inline and V8’s in the mid ages (of the automotive world) and still rules some hearts.

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