Bentley Mulsanne

Man was born with a mission

He built the Pyramids, then he built the magnificent cities in the Inca civilization, followed it up with Rome and Taj Mahal

And then, he built a Bentley

This probably was the last but the first which could move and move like nothing else

Bentley is not new to the ultra luxury coach building business. They have had a great line-up of cars under Volkswagen (Bentley is currently owned by them). From the Arnage to the Continental/Flying Spur

But there was still something which was missing not only in the Bentley line-up but the automotive industry as a whole. And that would be a car which would get a WOW reaction from every person on this planet. Be it the Queen of England to Tom Cruise to Snoop Dog.

And this wish of ours has been fulfilled by the Mulsanne. And I’ll help you understand the WOW

Step 1: Take a look at her

Step 2: Keep doing that

This new WOW machine was first showcased in 2009 at Pebble Beach and since then has had more cover pages than Madonna. Its got some history too; It brings back a name which proved itself in the Le Mans 5 times before the World Wars.

Lets get to the car:

Looks: It looks so much fresh than the Arnage (which it replaces). One can easily relate the front to the golden era of motorcars but at the same time associate it as a 21st century masterpiece. The sides and rear are more or less worked on the Arnage but still look as dominant (read 5.5 meters long) as ever. (Note: It does not have suicide doors)

Interiors: Lets take the Mercedes S class as our reference (long considered the best wheels one can buy)

So apart from everything a S-class has (and its got loads and loads of luxury and gadgets), this one gets more leather, infact 20 German bulls take birth to end up in a Mulsanne. Thick carpets, hand stitched leather,even customized umbrellas attached inside the doors etc etc

There is no point discussing the long list of things possible in the car. If you can think of it, Bentley will put it in for you.

Engine and transmission :- These are the only components a Mulsanne shares with anything else. In this case the VW Phaeton and the Audi R8. Work is done by a proved 6.75 litre (yes that is huge) twin-turbo V8 having 512 horses to its service with a mammoth 1020 Nm of torque. Yes you can travel across the Himalayas with such numbers.

Transmission is the new 8 speed automatic (shared with the Audi R8), so the Schumachers’ among us get the paddle shift as well

Appeal: It makes you feel happy to be the one in it. Not for the money but the history, the hard-work put in to build a machine as precious as Mona Lisa’s smile

Bottomline: There are two for this car

1. U have money, you dont wan’t the glam of a Rolls Royce, and you have the suave taste of life. Then this is the only ride in town, so BUY it.

2. U have money, you look at her…period… you’ll buy it.

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