Volvo S 80

Think of Sweden for a moment :

They gave us IKEA (which made man evolve from the stone age to a wooden age), Henrik Larsson (more remembered as Celtic and Barcelona guy) and also Volvo

Please ignore the Swedish heavy metal bands which make a lot of noise and fade away very soon

More known for their Buses and Trucks (BTW commercial vehicle division is completely independent of Cars), Volvo cars have always been known for being super practical , to the extent that Volvo’s are usually associated with community purposes (Families with more than 6 kids, Police cars, Pizza delivery and obviously Taxis)

But change all that when you come across their flagship S80

Based on the Ford Mondeo (it was developed when Volvo was owned by Ford) . The S80 was crafted to compete against the Germans (read Audi A6, Merc E and Bavarian 5 series)

Its a “not so fancy” car which is quite unique in the generation of very “loud and sharp” vehicles

Design : Very basic, does the job. Its a wooden tennis racquet  in the age of carbon fibre ones but sometimes wooden ones look better

Engines : This is where the Volvo matches everyone else. Numerous options available in Petrol and Diesel.

Petrols include a fantastic 3.2 Litre straight six developing a cool 238 horses and is coupled with a “All Wheel Drive” from Volvo which is quite different from the Quatrro of Audi’s ,yet interesting and delivers as promised

The other sweet sound option in petrol is the 315 horse V8…… sweet indeed

Diesels are more prefered in a car which is neither supposed to go fast or make a statement and the S80 doesn’t disappoint

Of the 5 diesels on offer, the 2.4 Litre inline 5 is the best and develops a very modest 175 bhp and 420 Nm of Torque

Safety :- Its bloody safer than an Israeli battle tank. There is no point debating its safety as Volvo’s are perhaps  the most safe set of wheels money can buy

Interiors :- S80 strikes big here. Old school but at the same time very functional. Looks cleaner than Monica Geller’s apartment.

Quality is top notch which even the Germans might envy. Its spacious and the rear seats are actually meant to be in for hours. Boot is humongous (You could put in a Mini Cooper inside)

Appeal :- You don’t care about that in a Volvo

Bottomline :- If you don’t believe in destiny, but do believe in salvation,  get a S80…..

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