If Apple can shrink their i-Pod into a Shuffle, why not do the same with cars

And BMW did do the trimming (this is what they claim) with their X series of SUV’s

Take a X5, downsize it into a X3, do that again and you arrive at the X1

Its small (officially called a compact SUV), based on the 3 series platform

The Car:- It carries forward the recent shift in consumer interest towards smaller, compact cars. Is a proper BMW but falls short of identity (Neither a proper SUV, nor a grown-up hatch)

Looks :- Surprisingly looks much better than it is .Easy to make out the X dynamics. Sharp features with some added curves give it some much needed presence (got a X in its name)
Front grille has been tweaked a bit, which is nice and so is the controlled swoop in headlamps

But let’s face it – Its still bloody small except the awesome 18′ rims (optional, but who wouldn’t get those)

Engine and Transmission:- : 2 Litre, 4 cyl turbo diesel (143 horses)  Add a twin turbo-charged variant of the same developing a decent 170 bhp (its adequate for a car this size)

A 3 litre 6 cyl US specific heart is also offered, but what’s the point of having compact SUV which guzzles gas

Two transmission options : S-drive (which is a RWD) and X-drive (4WD) both with 6 speed manual or automatic

Ride :- Gets all the fancy BMW gadgets to make sure you’re doing gr8 on road. Keep in mind, its all on road. U go off it, you need a tow-truck to get back home

Appeal:- Honey I shrunk the X5. Its a BMW, so all the fancy comes along ; also a great Sport Package but it still does not convince enough to be a X family member.

Bottomline : Nice, just nice. Don’t expect more .Save some money, get a X3 instead.

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