Ford GT

Flashback :- Its the 1960’s. Formula One is still new. But there is another way to prove your point – Its called the Le Mans 24 (24 hours of continuous racing). Also there is a word ‘ Ferrari ‘

Come the late 60’s , the word has been changed to ‘Ford’. Out of nowhere Ford builds a car (The GT 40) which not only trumps Ferrari but does that 4 times in a row (1966-69)

Back to the future :- The early 2000’s and the world least cares about the Ferrari’s, Porsche, Lambo’s or the Mclaren. The world is waiting for the re-incarnation of the Ford GT (40).

And wow, time has stood still for more than 3 decades. The Ford GT (they cut the 40 out of the name due to a trademark issue) looks all the history it has and yet is a masterpiece of engineering

Design :- Retro , Muscle and Sport car rolled into one. Ford pulled off ‘the keep it old and new together’ very well (as did BMW with the Mini Cooper and Fiat with 500). Big headlamps, hood scoop and the aggressive stance look awesome

Add the superb rims and the paint job with racing stripes ; Awesome again

Engines and Transmission:- All aluminium 5.4 Liter V8 beast which guzzles fuel to produce 550 hp and 680 N-m of torque. Some components are shared with the equally potent Ford Mustang Cobra. Transmission is a 6-speed manual which makes the 400 meter dash a delight. (0-100 kph in 3.5 secs)

Appeal :- Though it is American muscle , but still makes its presence felt as much as the Italian or British supercars. Not for the uber-luxury exotic car lover, but for a serious race car enthusiast.

And it certainly will turn heads ; Given the stripes and the retro look, the heads always tend to finish the note with a WoW

>>> Its is unfortunate that the GT is no longer manufactured. The last GT was rolled off in 2007 but is still a cult favorite among car collectors and super rich “i’ll buy anything cool” guys.

Bottomline :- You cannot buy a new one, so keep admiring. But if you do get a chance to get one somehow, don’t loose it, cos there’s nothing like it….  (keep in mind you need to own an oil well to feed the thirsty GT)

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