Ford Focus

Yes, its pretty and its a Ford

Lately Ford has been experimenting with its design cues, and the Focus has been their canvas (which we don’t mind at all)

Focus is always associated with its rallying pedigree and has done the blue oval proud in the WRC over the years but when first introduced in the late 90’s was a family car handcrafted to launch Ford to the masses in Europe (which has some 50 odd cars in each segment, so a super tough job)

It certainly has not disappointed and Ford has also announced the 2012 model (yes they decided to bring the whole apocalypse 2012 thing to an end with a pretty car)

The Car: Currently in its 2nd gen ,& 2nd makeover,a very able coupe/hatch/sport-hatch (hell lot of variants available)

Design:- The new design theme was first showcased by the very James Bond in Casino Royale and has been continued since

The front is very thoughtful, looks subtle here but try one in white and its much prettier. Side and rear are more of worked on previous gen models but still have flowing lines

Engines :- Open Microsoft Excel and start typing : 1.4 , 1.6 , 1.8 , 2.0 , 2.5  ;;  1.6 ,1.8 ,2.0 . No, its not a mathematical series but the Petrol and Diesel options on offer

It would be hours before we get to the details of each and every option, so take this : The petrol Duratec’s are adequate and the 2.5 turbo is a feast but the real deal are the ultra refined diesel Duratorq’s which infact have helped Focus clock awesome sales figures throughout the globe

Interiors: Very nicely designed. The feel inside is cool but could have been little sweeter (we are talking Peugeot, Citroen territory, so need to match the European kids) . Space is decent and so is the boot.

Appeal :- Here is where it strikes gold. With the Focus gaining a household recognition due to its Motorsport involvement, Ford has pulled off a superb trick of “Race on Sunday, Sell on Monday”.

Also with constant upgradation, Ford is quietly moving from an ‘American passive muscle’ to a ‘practical car’ manufacturer image (And that helps in Europe and Asia)

Bottomline : A decent car, but marketed brilliantly with added suave design. Worth a buy!

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