Nissan Cube

I am sure OMG is the first reaction you have for this car but lets face it, its a Jap way of thinking, so get over it.

Analysis : We all have played with LEGO blocks as kids, so first we make a rectangle, add a dimension and it becomes a cuboid; Now all you need to add are the set of wheels and we arrive at a thing called the ‘Nissan Cube’

Yes, this is a car under production and take a fun fact : Its based on the very much “in” news Nissan MICRA.

Nissan first envisaged this structure in the late 90’s and since then has had a cult following

The Idea: Its based on a very Japanese “small-compact-i don’t care how it looks-practical” car concept, and is kind of fun to look at ( Compare it to looking at Jim Carey, and you’ll appreciate the effort)

Looks:- The guys at Nissan seem to love the Rubik’s Cube so much that they have designed a car which looks like one

Very very symmetric, there is not much to think about, its a shape and not a design. A newer addition to this 3rd generation model (Yes there have been two successful gens of this shape) are the more curved head and tail lamp clusters and the very interesting rims, which more look like flying discs.

Engine and Transmission : 4-cylinder developing 122hp / 127 ft-lbs which is transferred through a CVT transmission. Its a light car weighing just 1270 kg so 122 horses make it a zippy drive which u’ll love to roll inside city limits

Interiors: Take the word practical and find its cube. Very apt to the theme, and importantly does the work, some electronics are shared with the Micra but the package is more neat. Very roomy as well.

Going GRREN : Yes it also has an Electric variant which is soon to be upgraded. The new one should be more a “Nissan LEAF meets a MICRA meets a BOX” car.

Appeal : Proves that there are things and people who believe in simplicity and love symmetric shapes. ( The Cube could have been the official car of the movie trilogy Matrix)

Bottomline : You are very practical to the extent that you teach your dog to meow to scare the rats off. Then the CUBE was built keeping you in mind. Go buy it ; else just admire it the way you do Jim Carey and still don’t watch his movies the first weekend of release.

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One Response to “Nissan Cube”

  1. Sai Says:

    what a cube!!!

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