Nissan Micra

When the buzz around a car overwhelms the car itself, we often tend to address the car as success

And this has very much happened with the new kid in town – The new gen Nissan Micra

Well Nissan is something, which usually relates to Pick ups and some super compact muscle like the 370 Z but this Jap company also has had serious impact in the hatch segment over the years

The Micra was first developed in the 1980’s but lets focus on the newest gen which has hit the roads here in India

The car: – Its easy to recall the Micra as the cute looking hatch from the East which was somewhat like a cross between the VW Beetle and the Daewoo Matiz, a good car indeed.

But then something happened. The recession and the rise of Koreans forced Nissan to rethink the Micra and the all new 2010 model was launched

Looks:- This one looks more mature than its ancestors. Nissan has been very intelligent to use a shade of Orange to promote this car, as it looks bulky and kind of sweet in that color. Try it in Blue and you’ll get  the point

But still the car is proportional , and thank god we got to see something less sharp and more curves. All new hatches these days look like some version of a transformer machines.

Interiors:- It only looks chubby, which it certainly is not. Insides are more comparable to  Suzuki A-star territory and not that of Swift which everyone is speculating. I wish the plastics were better but then you also get push-start button, and for a moment it resembles one in the legendary Nissan GTR. But STOP, compare no more, its a baby hatch.

Seating is comfortable and other aspects very similar to all other hatches. Nothing revolutionary, so please have decent space and comfort expectations and not the ones we have from an Ambassador

Engines:- 1.2 litre three-cylinder petrol generating – 76PS @ 6000rpm ; 104Nm of torque @ 4000rpm. Its adequate and nothing more, so please dont try to bully a Honda Civic when it passes you by on the highway. Stick to the competition (read Maruti, Tata, Hyundai etc )

The better part of the heart is the refinement. Nissan has done a great job to make the ride smooth and press the pedal , and it responds very well. (If the engine had a facebook page, i would “Like” it)

The V Platform : This very weird sounding term is not the railway station platform from Harry Potter fiction, but is the new design and engineering platform Nissan-Renault has developed. So expect more cars (including sedans and Renaults) sharing a lot with the Micra . But for the time being,this is the only V in town

Pricing:-  Inline with the segment. Rs 3.50 – 5.2 lacs (but you dont get alloy wheels in any variant)

Bottomline : Nice car, worth buying but dont mix priorities. Its a very good alternative to Ford Figo, Hyundai i10, and the numerous Maruti-Suzuki’s, but NOT the VW Polo or the Fiat Punto.

PS- Buy one in Black or Orange only (else you’ll look as out of place as a Tata in yellow)

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