Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X

There are times when you want to film the next “Fast and the Furious” by yourself and that is when you turn to just one car on this blue Planet

Dont think much, its the EVOlution X

Mitsubishi in the early 90’s thought of WRC as the way to arrive on the world stage, and did they not get it right

The Lancer Evo was born, and then started the cult phenomenon called the Evo Series

Car: The current one is the 10th Gen Evo which follows on the footsteps of the 9th

Design: Take a look at it, and it says Lancer. The more sharp features are the latest addition but it still does justice to the family. Sharp headlamps and new tail lamp cluster (which ironically is the most non Lancer looking part) Rim options are good as well. The large front grill segment adds to the aggression

Engine:- In line with the tradition of previous models,  2 litre Turbocharged inLine 4, producing a whopping 320 horses. Its hooked to a 6-speed twin clutch SST Transmission which is awesome but “I want a manual” fans get a 5-speed manual

The important part is the ever legendary stiff and robust all wheel drive system. And round it up with a fact : The Evo is still faster than a Porsche 911, also you get  racing seats to fulfill that dream

Bottom Line: A car not for everyone but for those enthusiasts who care least about Porsche and Lambo etc, but still race hard. Particularly a delight for the mods, and tuners

And that is the recipe for your Fast and Furious part 5. Bon Voyage

P.S. – Go for a RED


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