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Volkswagen Vento

Volkswagen has been in advanced stages of development of the new Polo in a saloon package lately

And finally the revelation of the month has been the new Vento or the Polo sedan to hit the Indian market followed by other emerging markets

So what convinced VV to step into a new segment using its best-seller? and the answer should not be too hard, as this is a common practice by major manufacturers to use a single platform for multiple shapes and ideas in emerging markets and smile over the sales charts

And in India where this segment is dominated by Honda’s City followed by offerings from Hyundai and Suzuki, and the “whats that car”? – Logan), VV wants to push its no-nonsense built quality to deliver some fresh air in the segment (Vento literally means wind in Latin)

Also the name “Vento” does sound familiar as it was used for the Jetta in the 90’s which did not work at all in their favor and the name was dropped

CAR- It looks pretty good, VV guys have worked out a fantastic finish with the added 500 litre boot to the hatch

One can easily make the front of the Polo, though there are some crease modifications to differ it from the hatch and the new grill and headlamp cluster.

The interiors will be copy-pasted from the Polo and they’re good, so the boot is the only significant change.

Engines:- This is the interesting part and the German marque does not disappoint. There are two options as of now  : 1.6 Petrol and a 1.6 diesel; both churning out a very decent 105 horses and with the diesel you get 10kgm more torque than the petrols 15.5kgm

The real deal here is the diesel as it is derived from the same family of reliable engines which service the Golf (1.2 litre) and Jetta (2.0 litres), along with apt power, this engine will definitely catch volumes than its petrol counter-part

Pricing:- VV plans to make the Polo platform a stepping stone in the emerging markets, so it should be priced along the segment standards in the 7-9lac range [US $14K-18K]

Bottom Line:- A really good attempt by VV to use its frugal engineering to work out a new car along the lines of Polo and given the good diesel option, should prove pretty appealing. Worth a buy

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