Fiat Uno NEW!

The all NEW! Fiat Uno….

Yes, Fiat has finally decided to go through its archives and use a brand name which once was its bread and butter, the UNO

The first thing that comes to mind is all the POLICIA! cars in the European movies I have seen, but that apart the Uno was always one of the most important platforms in the history of Fiat and was also voted European car of the year in 1984

Now after more than 20 years, and a drastic change in the demographics of the traditional small car markets with Fuel and going GREEN as the new 21st century issues, a car this size and profile makes immense sense to a manufacturer having significant presence in small cars

Looking at the dimensions, the car looks pretty small and despite Fiat’s presence in the US through Chrysler, it is very unlikely for the car to be launched in North America

However it looks very promising for emerging markets like India, China , Brazil and its traditional home turf – Europe

Engine options may vary from 1 to 1.4 litre depending on respective configurations more so when Fiat wants to position this car somewhere between the Panda and the Grande Punto

Official figures and specs are yet to be revealed. Check this space for more on the NEW Uno

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