Alfa Romeo Giulietta

If you ever get to see that “Emirates (airline)” TV commercial..

Don’t miss the punch line “When was the last time, you did something for the first time”

And trust me, the very thing happened to me the first time I saw this beauty called the “Giulietta” (pronounce it more as Juliette)

Never seen a 5 door hatch and yelled “WOW”

Yes, this is the latest beauty from the Italian sculptors better known to the world as Alfa Romeo

History: The car has a lot of heritage riding on the wheels, well atleast the name has. Alfa first manufactured the Giulietta compact in the 50’s and now has reintroduced the brand

The car just looks awesome, the design cues are continued from the MiTO and surprisingly they were able to fit in the 5 doors and still make it look compact. The nose and front bumper are have more curves than expected but the new headlamp cluster compliments the other two.

Insides are supposed to be more airier than the more cramped MiTo and the huge sunroof helps the cause

Engines: Alfa has put all its tech on the run at launch. Giulietta has 4 engines, so the options are plenty for every need with 2 each of petrol and diesel with six-speed manual transmission on all four engine

Petrols are 1.4-liter turbo fours with 120 or 170 horsepower (MultiAir variable valve technology on the latter)

Turbo -diesel with capacities 1.6 and 2 liters and producing 105 and 170 hp

A 235bhp beast is supposed to follow soon

A real catch for this car is the niche upscale stance that it commands which puts it in direct contention for the best compact among the likes of Audi A3 and the BMW 1 series. This said the price will be pegged in the Ford Focus region

This will help Alfa cater to the needs of both the segments and they’ve got a real winner on their side…

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One Response to “Alfa Romeo Giulietta”

  1. Earnie Says:

    What’s impressive about the Giulietta is that it looks compact, but it’s actually a 5 door, yet it still manages to look sleek and sexy!

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