Yamaha YBR

Yamaha is set to launch its 110cc bike named YBR today

The company targets to hold 10% market share & I think this explains why a company like Yamaha would target this segment (and ignoring what the company is really known for)

Though they have failed in similar attempts before (recall crux ,alba, G5 etc) and i believe that they should still be away from this segment

Honestly Yamaha FZ is the most stable Indian bike I have ever rode but even then they are not upto what Yamaha can really provide

Honestly I believe Japanese companies are fooling us as similar offerings in other South East Asian markets are much better both in performance and quality standards

The bike does’t look good either(Atleast Honda has done something new with their 110cc)

Also it costs a whoping Rs41000. We have better option at this cost so I dont think this bike will really work unless one gets a John Abrahim dinner along with the bike

It seems Yamaha, after all the praise for the FZ and R15  has got it wrong all over again


Maximum Power: 7.5 Bhp @ 7500 rpm
Maximum Torque:


7.8 Nm @ 6000 rpm


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  1. Kushal Says:

    acha post hai bhai tu to professional blogger ban gaya

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