Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid

We all know about this car, dont we?

Its like those no nonsense SUV’s from VV (which adds the word : practical)

But lately the new gen of UV’s i ‘ll say ; cos thrs no more sport in them ,were cutting the sales out of this car

So what does VV do? They came up with bigger engines and started talking of turbo’s etc etc, and so even the Touareg was as everyone else

But this one here is the 2nd Generation VV Touareg Hybrid (yes, big cars are sometimes green, well actually  light green)

Now, I am confused and yet excited and I’ll tell you why

1. Excited: A Hybrid full size SUV helps you save money (tiny amounts) and yet you can call yourself a nature friendly human being. Also since its immediate rival in Europe still dont have any similar offerings, so this car might swing the deal in VV’s favour.

2. Confused: A car which weighs 3 times Tata Nano has been tweaked into a Hybrid to still consume fuel equivalent of 2 Tata Nano’s and still has a 3 liter supercharged V6 under the hood.

This might sound like an unfair comparison, but cmonn , the agenda here was to go green, which you still havent. Its still a huge car which will guzzle normal amounts of Petro products AND WILL COST YOU HELL MORE

So is it worth? Now VV revealed the Hybrid at the NY Auto Show this week and the initial response has been both ways

Lets get back to the car

LOOKS: It kind of trimmed down, to cut on weight but overall is easier to make out the Touareg shape and features

Engine: 3 liter Supercharged V6 paired with an electric motor with combined power of 375 hp and 428lbs-ft torque

Its to see how this segment of Hybrids will be accepted and will they make sense no matter how many generations of these monsters are born

Bottom Line:- Don’t mix priorities. Either get a normal Touareg and if you really want to contribute to mother nature,get a TESLA.


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