Mercedes Benz BLK

For long, we have witnessed how the German Auto industry keeps itself competative

Answer:- Constant up-gradation of its respective models and targeting every segment which its rival has a car in

Now after all the buzz surrounding the BMW X1 (yes there is the 1) and Audi Q3, Mercedes-Benz did not really have a car in the compact SUV segment

But all of that has changed ; The three pointed star has been working on this new car, called the BLK class which will be based on the B class platform

Looks:- Contemporary Mercedes but not difficult to figure out the compact nature of the car along with the familiar  F-800 concept look

Is upright , so the driving dynamics should be better than the X1 (which is actually very tiny) and at the same time the length should be around 4-4.5 m. So the letters SUV can be associated with the BLK with relative ease as compared to the X1 or the Q3

Engine options :- Its not yet clear but the probable options include sizes from 1.5 to 2.0 liters

Mercedes has not revealed much , so whether the BLK has FWD or AWD is not known

The launch should be around 2012 1st half, and by then the CUV segment will have some more rivals with the Mini Countryman, Q3 and maybe the Land Rover LrX


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