WRC : One engine per season!!!

The latest buzz in WRC has been given birth to by WRC Comission president Morrie Chandler with a proposal to use “One engine per season”.

The detailed dynamics for this agenda are aimed at reducing costs and opening new avenues in the world of rallying

In the last decade, many manufacturers have quit WRC  due to the high costs involved , and so it has hurt the sponsership revenues as well

Only Citroen and Ford are directly active in the sport and this poses a concern for the future

Mr Chandler is looking firm with this idea, and argues that if a road legal car can clock 200,00o kms, then why isn’t it possible to device a robust engine to clock 8000 kms of rallying

These changes are impossible to implement by next season, as teams have already started developing their machines for the 2011 calender. But 2012 forms a real optimism for this proposal

And going by the current popularity levels of WRC, changes in rules are inevitable and if a single engine can bring back sponsors, then why not….


One Response to “WRC : One engine per season!!!”

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