Spark Plug

Spark Plugs form a very important part of the entire combustion process inside an engine cylinder

The spark ignites the air-fuel mixture which is supposed to propel the pistons downwards

And yet , they are one of the most neglected part in a car and all the attention is encountered by the Oil, Lubes, Tires etc etc

So this crucial part needs to be pampered as well

You’ll need some basic tools to complete the task:

A wrench and a fine wire brush cleaner along with a brake or automotive cleaning agent

Locate and unscrew the spark plug  (Refer you car owners manual to find where its located, and use the wrench to remove the spark plug from the place after removing the covering it has)

Step 1: Check for any corrosion on the spark plug . The last thing you want to see is a corroded spark plug

Step 2: Clean the dirt, using a regular cleaning brush

Step 3: Spray any automotive parts cleaner agent on the spark plug

Step 4: Use the fine wire brush to clean it up

Step 5: Replace the spark plug back in place and reconnect the wire casing

Keep it mind, the number of spark plugs depends on the number of cylinders (if you dont know, refer to the owners manual) your car has.

Once you have cleaned them, you are ready to roll….

Changing of spark plugs is recommended after a certain time period depending on the model and mileage of your car


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