Mitsubishi Pajero (NEW)

Yes folks!!!

This beauty is set to burn the roads, and its not an Outlander or a Montero version, its the very PAJERO!!!!

Also, this is no concept which will just make it to the Mitsubishi showrooms across Japan..

It is set to arrive evrywhere

Looks:- This beauty instantly reminds you of those great Paris-Dakar Mitsubishi cars which once ruled the show & u might also recall similar looks form Colin Mcrae , Dirt or any other rally game u’ve played while growing up.

Heart:- Power will be delivered by two new set of engines as for the Pajero 2.5 litre (140bhp) and a 3.2 litre (165bhp). Gone are the days of the older 1.8 and 3.2

Interiors:- Straight from the Outlander (or that is the way it looks), but is still attractive

Appeal:- After a long pause in the world of SUV’s , or shud i say Softroaders (why did man create this genre), Come back to the orthodox way of going offroad, manual levers and all the old school fun in a new package

The real concern for Mitsubishi to take this step seems more to cut out the Toyota Fortuner than a in house development, but either way, we have options apart from the Outlander, which is gr8 news.

Prices yet to be announced…

Chek this space for more about the PAJERO!!!

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3 Responses to “Mitsubishi Pajero (NEW)”

  1. rhean Says:

    nice and very informative writeup keep it up.

  2. Dakar returns to Argentina/Chile « D-Wheels Says:

    […] entire generation has grown up watching the Mitsubishi Pajero win numerous Paris-Dakar rallies over the […]

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