Ford Figo

Finally Ford brings in the much awaited Figo

Though the name is more familiar to football, but trust Ford’s claims : 10 years down, Figo will be recalled as the car which put Ford back in the big league

The car is a desirable hatch, looks decent and does follow Ford’s new design cues. Overall a more practical approach towards the exterior to maximize the space inside.

The real catch is the price : Petrol variants start at the very important threshold of less than 3.50 lakh [$8000](ex Delhi)

Diesel is tempting as well starting at less than 4.50 lakh [$10000](ex Delhi)

Insides look as decent as expected of Ford. Dont have any fancy, all the basic comforts are available. Dash is neat, colors are okeey kinda. All n all the same what the segment offers.

As for the car, its based on a trimmed down Feista platform, so is sturdy.

Engine options include a 1.2 Petrol Duratec.

and the very important 1.4 Duratorq.

One might recall the engines from the sibling Fusion which has been phased out (stocks being cleared) and thus implies the importance Ford is betting on this very car.

After sales is still an issue , but should not be a problem as multi branded service points are opening up pretty fast.

Bottomline:- Not a Honda, neither a Maruti. Will find some buyers but wont shake the segment.

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One Response to “Ford Figo”

  1. Ishika Says:

    Very interesting post. Ford Figo is the best car in its segment and much better in comparison to its rivals. Planning to buy it soon in white shade.

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