Dashboard Lights

We all know about these blinking lights on a dashboard, but they represent some very serious information

And at times, these signs can prove vital in safe driving

Brake Light This sign indicates that there is some issue with the brake. Either the handbrake is on(which one should always check before starting a car),  or the brake-fluid level is low.

ABS (antilock brake system) Light. Indicates either low brake-fluid level, stuck brake caliper or faulty ABS (which usually is the case)

Oil Light. Either engine is very low on oil or there is no oil pressure. Pull over and turn off engine immediately. Check oil level and add oil if low. Turn engine back on to see if light has gone off. If oil light is still on, bad oil pump (no oil pressure) is likely (For more info on oil click here)

Check Engine Light. Car’s computer senses engine problem. Its ok to drive with the light, but the problem can be serious, so a checkup in a garage is recommended.

Air Bag Light. Get air bags checked. Problem could prevent them from activating in accident.

Battery Charge Light. Alternator is not charging. OK to drive, but turn off any unneeded electrical devices (radio, heater, defroster) and avoid starting engine more than necessary. When alternator is not charging, battery loses charge and car stops working.

Fuel filter water trap (diesel engines).This light illuminates when the ignition is switched on and should extinguish after a few seconds.If it illuminates while driving, it indicates that water has been detected in the fuel filter.This light warns you that the amount of accumulated water in the fuel filter has reached the specified level.

If the vehicle has just been re-fuelled, immediately move the vehicle to a safe location and switch off the engine. The fuel may have been contaminated and could cause damage to the injection system.


Mercedes Benz BLK

For long, we have witnessed how the German Auto industry keeps itself competative

Answer:- Constant up-gradation of its respective models and targeting every segment which its rival has a car in

Now after all the buzz surrounding the BMW X1 (yes there is the 1) and Audi Q3, Mercedes-Benz did not really have a car in the compact SUV segment

But all of that has changed ; The three pointed star has been working on this new car, called the BLK class which will be based on the B class platform

Looks:- Contemporary Mercedes but not difficult to figure out the compact nature of the car along with the familiar  F-800 concept look

Is upright , so the driving dynamics should be better than the X1 (which is actually very tiny) and at the same time the length should be around 4-4.5 m. So the letters SUV can be associated with the BLK with relative ease as compared to the X1 or the Q3

Engine options :- Its not yet clear but the probable options include sizes from 1.5 to 2.0 liters

Mercedes has not revealed much , so whether the BLK has FWD or AWD is not known

The launch should be around 2012 1st half, and by then the CUV segment will have some more rivals with the Mini Countryman, Q3 and maybe the Land Rover LrX

Pentastar V6

Pentastar : Thats the name of the new hope that the giant Chrysler Group is betting on.

After the recession, bailouts, trimming and their final destiny with FIAT, Chrysler had to come out with a plan for the future

And the plan is to share platforms and engines

The result is this brand new engine : The Pentastar V6

Its an all aluminum ,60-degree, DOHC unit with proposed use in a lot of platforms and in various capacities.

Power output is a healthy 280 hp @ 6400 rpm and a torque of 260 lb-ft @ 4800 rpm and it has a green dimension to it ; as it is 11% more fuel efficient than the previous engines.

And the engine will be made in 3 basic sizes : 3.0L, 3.3L, 3.6L

The Pentastar is slated to be launched with the JEEP Grand Cherokee 2011 and this unit is supposed to replace a host of current V6 options that Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge have.

After almost $ 2 billion worth of investments for this project with two plants slated to start production immediately and later in Germany for Mercedes-Benz (yes, the pointed star is planning to use one of these) and the Fiat connection to make it to Lancia and Alfa Romeo.

Chrysler hopes to strike with the Pentastar and has pushed hard for the unit to make it big…..

For more engines click here

WRC : One engine per season!!!

The latest buzz in WRC has been given birth to by WRC Comission president Morrie Chandler with a proposal to use “One engine per season”.

The detailed dynamics for this agenda are aimed at reducing costs and opening new avenues in the world of rallying

In the last decade, many manufacturers have quit WRC  due to the high costs involved , and so it has hurt the sponsership revenues as well

Only Citroen and Ford are directly active in the sport and this poses a concern for the future

Mr Chandler is looking firm with this idea, and argues that if a road legal car can clock 200,00o kms, then why isn’t it possible to device a robust engine to clock 8000 kms of rallying

These changes are impossible to implement by next season, as teams have already started developing their machines for the 2011 calender. But 2012 forms a real optimism for this proposal

And going by the current popularity levels of WRC, changes in rules are inevitable and if a single engine can bring back sponsors, then why not….

Audi A7 Sportback

This is the concept carved by the engineers in Ingolstadt (Audi headquarters)

And its called the Audi A7 Sportback

It is supposedly being launched by the end of the year

But the real question is: Does Audi really need to rival the Porche Panamera or the Aston Martin Rapide??

The answer is no. They already have the other two ends of this market being captured by their sedans and SUV’s ,so why even think of having an extra 5 door car, with probably the same driving dynamics as the rest of the family…

Looks : The car looks obvious , it is what it should be like. Clear Audi characteristics are prominent but at the same time very repetitive

Engine options:  Supercharged 3.0-liter V6. This is what the rumors are . And going by the recent Audi history, there might even be a >500bhp option given to the customers considering the demand

All this comes to a question of whether the A7 really makes it to production. Audi may claim decent demand for this genre. But going by the current trends, there isn’t  really any room for more of these high end 5 doors

Bottomline: An un-necessary attempt to woo customers from a segment which is already crowded with awesome cars

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Spark Plug

Spark Plugs form a very important part of the entire combustion process inside an engine cylinder

The spark ignites the air-fuel mixture which is supposed to propel the pistons downwards

And yet , they are one of the most neglected part in a car and all the attention is encountered by the Oil, Lubes, Tires etc etc

So this crucial part needs to be pampered as well

You’ll need some basic tools to complete the task:

A wrench and a fine wire brush cleaner along with a brake or automotive cleaning agent

Locate and unscrew the spark plug  (Refer you car owners manual to find where its located, and use the wrench to remove the spark plug from the place after removing the covering it has)

Step 1: Check for any corrosion on the spark plug . The last thing you want to see is a corroded spark plug

Step 2: Clean the dirt, using a regular cleaning brush

Step 3: Spray any automotive parts cleaner agent on the spark plug

Step 4: Use the fine wire brush to clean it up

Step 5: Replace the spark plug back in place and reconnect the wire casing

Keep it mind, the number of spark plugs depends on the number of cylinders (if you dont know, refer to the owners manual) your car has.

Once you have cleaned them, you are ready to roll….

Changing of spark plugs is recommended after a certain time period depending on the model and mileage of your car

Subaru Impreza WRX 2011

Look at her…

Paint her blue, put the 555 livery and a Petter Solberg on the wheel, and you are ready to roll

No matter what trouble Subaru goes thru at the management level, they will always resemble countryside roads more than asphalt.

There is no Tiger Woods without golf and so there is no Subaru without the rally heritage

The subtle silver in the pic is the new 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX

Looks:- Subaru have been tweaking with the Impreza for quite long now, but the more significant change here is the new nose, the more refined shoulder line and the new lowered stance (looks more aggressive that way), add to this 17’rims

Heart:- 4 cyl Turbo charged 2.5 churning out a very healthy 265 horses.

Prices and specs are yet to be announced officially..

Verdict:- You got the money and half , u buy it and then take it to a tuner and start the process to make it the “best ride in the town”

I doubt there are any Imprezas’ on roads with factory settings. If u got 1, u are going to end up tweaking it to your needs or should i say your racing needs…

Bottomline: Don’t buy it, if you want to commute, but buy it ,if you want t RACE

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