Volkswagen Polo

Now, this is how the folks at VV tweaked the small and smart Polo.
The looks are updated, and the new nose and side creases are easily identifiable
Although VV calls it a more sporty look, i would say smart rather than sporty.
Interiors look fresh, and there are 3 trim options available, with the high end with real high end fabrics and materials.
ABS, ESP are standard, and so filming 4 The fast and furious part 5 shud not be a concern..
Given the package size, this sure looks to be a more world centric car(than Europe centric), considering the gradual shift in size towards “small is beautiful”
This will make even more sense in India, where VV wants to be a mass player, along with some more emerging markets.
Engine options are good, and adequate..
starts with a 70bhp 1.2 (Skoda Fabia shares the same), upto the 1.6 (Jettas’ powered by same).
So pushing the pedal should be more fun, than in the rivals (read Suzuki Swift, Hyundai i10/20 etc)
and also in the offering is a 1.2CRDI ,70 horses
Pricing the car must have been difficult for VV as they have to commit to their building standards and also challenge the market leaders (Hyundai i10, Ford Figo etc), and after maintaining a premium profile (its costs 15% more than all competition), the car still makes sense for a buyer
Bottom Line:- Go for it, it wont disappoint you
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