Volkswagen Polo

Now, this is how the folks at VV tweaked the small and smart Polo.
The looks are updated, and the new nose and side creases are easily identifiable
Although VV calls it a more sporty look, i would say smart rather than sporty.
Interiors look fresh, and there are 3 trim options available, with the high end with real high end fabrics and materials.
ABS, ESP are standard, and so filming 4 The fast and furious part 5 shud not be a concern..
Given the package size, this sure looks to be a more world centric car(than Europe centric), considering the gradual shift in size towards “small is beautiful”
This will make even more sense in India, where VV wants to be a mass player, along with some more emerging markets.
Engine options are good, and adequate..
starts with a 70bhp 1.2 (Skoda Fabia shares the same), upto the 1.6 (Jettas’ powered by same).
So pushing the pedal should be more fun, than in the rivals (read Suzuki Swift, Hyundai i10/20 etc)
and also in the offering is a 1.2CRDI ,70 horses
Pricing the car must have been difficult for VV as they have to commit to their building standards and also challenge the market leaders (Hyundai i10, Ford Figo etc), and after maintaining a premium profile (its costs 15% more than all competition), the car still makes sense for a buyer
Bottom Line:- Go for it, it wont disappoint you
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Skoda Yeti

There are several questions which might pop up in ur mind after looking at the new boy

Ans:- Its a lifestyle SUV (thats what its called in Europe) and more than the looks, its a 4X4..

The Skoda Yeti is the new breed of compact SUV’s.

It looks more a Donald Duck carrier than real people, but trust the reviews the car has got, its all muscle inside that cute exterior.

Looks:- Very different from everything else. Its easy to relate the overall profile to the Skoda Roomster. Nice upright, compact (just 4.2 mts)  and kind of aggressive but in a very friendly way (the chinned up fog lamps help the fact) . Its hard to accept it in some ways but still appealing

Also, the color options available are very precisely chosen, so you wont end up like the dual tone Mahindra Scorpio’s (disaster).

Engine:-  Europe gets 2 petrol and 4 diesels, but here it may be shared with the Laura (1.8 Tsi) and (1.9 Tdi) and should be adequate , as the Yeti is lighter and the optional 4X4 will immensely help the cause

(Note:- Some versions have very super cool SUV features including decent control, traction assistance, but still try and stick to the on-road stuff).

Interior:- ITS SIMPLY GREAT! considering the dimensions, its a wonder how Skoda has managed to make the inside feel so airy and comfortable (though not for Khalee dimensions)

Dash is neat and very functional. The grey’s and black make you feel like a  Christopher Nolan movie, but is still fine.

Price and Appeal:- This is the greyest part of the car. With Skoda planning to launch it in the Rs. 15-20 lakh bracket and some serious men to compete with (read Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour), this little wonder boy will find it difficult to catch attention among “Size Matters” customer.

Bottom Line: Its a very decent car. Not for the Dakar fans, but very practical.

And if not you, then ur kids or the kid inside of u is gonna insist to have a roll in it. And thats when u stop calling it cute.

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