Multijet 1.3

MultijetMultijet, Quadrajet, JTD, CRDI Turbo..etc etc..

Every bloody name above is the same engine. Well FIAT did design this particular one, but thrs nothing as gr8 about it as it sounds. Its nothing but a CRDI turbo diesel engine developed specifically for the FIAT family of cars and as every bloody manufacturer does these days..share it with a dozen other companies and call it joint venture or MOU of some sort.

Moral of the story:- Almost every bloody small/mid sized car in Europe, Asia and other continents has ended up with this heart with different names (obviously).

Now why the hell small car majors are fighting their asses out to get one of these?
Well, CRDI may seem like an easy piece of technology which any mechanic Joe might fix. But trust me, its quite a task to get the best out of a Common Rail, and FIAT did this in a very Italian way….”fantastic” that is.

And u know, rest is history. But this family of engines is basically JTD (stands for Uni Jet Turbo Diesel)
and thy holy word “Multijet” is the 2nd generation of this same JTD engine.
And this little baby is not as tiny, cos it comes in a dozen different capacities. Rite from 1.3 70PS (which we in India are hell aware of) till “3 litres”. Yeah turbo3.0 from Fiat, and a good one actually.

For us though its the 1.3 (Fiat Linea, Tata Indica Vista, Maruti Suzuki Swift/Dezire), less on power, gr8 on mileage.
All n all a real good option for Indian market. I would rate it 4 out of 5.

Chek dis space for more about the JTD (Multijet) family….

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