The new buzz in town is this Kappa engine…

Developed by Hyundai Motors specifically for the smaller steel boxes running on the roads, or hatches to be less critical.

Now, what makes this engine “the special one” is the fact that this was designed by Hyundai for Indian and other similar markets (read South America, East Europe etc), and so as it turns out, it really is a hell of a fuel efficient heart.

Figures may vary depending on which platform is it used for. But dont be shocked, if u hear the numbers around 17+ kmpl (dis stands true not only in India but in other markets as well)

So where du u get thm? For us here, Hyundai is offering this sweetie with i10 as of now, but will later add to the entire B and B+ segment offerings depending on demand. In Europe however, i20 along with the i10 gets the offering as standard.

Now be4 we come to specifications, the Kappa will b manufactured in two capacities :- 1.25 and 1.2 litres.
We here will get only the 1.2, the other being mainly for West.

All n all a 1.2 which delivers around 80ps is not at all bad and is actually worth those xtra bugs.
9 out of 10 for me…

Specifications:- Displacement: 1200cc, 16V, Kappa, DOHC
Engine Type – Petrol
Maximum Power – 80bhp@5200rpm
Maximum Torque – 11.4Kgm@4000rpm


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